Yo La Tengo "Toymageddon" (ft. Ira Glass & Eugene Mirman) (video)

Yo La Tengo 'Toymageddon' (ft. Ira Glass & Eugene Mirman) (video)
Christmas was pretty great, up until the moment all the toys came to life, ganged up on humanity and took over the world. At least, that's how Yo La Tengo tell it in their new, reasonably chuckle-worthy holiday single "Toymageddon," which also teams the indie band with NPR personality Ira Glass and comedian Eugene Mirman.

While Yo La Tengo seem reasonably happy about getting our "nuts roasted in the fire" in the new video for the fuzzy pop-punking cut, surrounded by snowflakes as they explain just how it went all wrong. Glass, meanwhile, gives us the chilling goods — apparently the My Little Pony crew were the harbingers of doom. Despite dropping in with a few deadpan quips delivered in a robot voice, Mirman comes across as a real bastard of an overlord.

"Toymageddon" is up for sale digitally, with all proceeds going to the OneKid OneWorld charity. It will also appear on Rob Kutner and the Levinson Brothers' 2776: A Millennium of American Asskickery LP in 2014. The set is a ways off, officially landing July 4, but will also include contributions from Selena Gomez, Ed Helms, Aimee Mann, Aubrey Plaza, Will Forte, Andrew W.K., and more.