Yo La Tengo "Is That Enough" (video)

Yo La Tengo 'Is That Enough' (video)
Scholars have been trying to figure out exactly what makes Yo La Tengo tick for decades now, but one theorist has finally cracked the code in the group's new video for Fade number "Is That Enough."

The Donik Cary-directed video showcases a jiffy marker-loaded hand (which turns out to be that of comedian Fred Willard) scrawling out a series of equations determining exactly "what is Yo La Tengo?" To prove his point, his algebraic chart seamlessly explores the connections between the likes of Nancy Sinatra, GG Allin, the Black Keys, Jack Black, Black Sabbath, the Man in Black and the first verse of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song before the breezy single concludes.

You can try to absorb all the pseudo-intellectual name-dropping down below.