Yo La Tengo "Friday I'm in Love" (Cure cover) (video)

Yo La Tengo 'Friday I'm in Love' (Cure cover) (video)
As previously reported, Yo La Tengo have brought back band member Dave Schramm to perform as a foursome on their upcoming Stuff Like That There. What kind of stuff will be on the record? Well, it features an acoustic cover of the Cure's Wish single "Friday I'm in Love," which Yo La Tengo are now promoting with a doomsday-anticipating music video.

As you'll see down below, director Jason Woliner may be foreshadowing the apocalypse with the clip. It finds the band's Georgia Hubley taking a stroll around a city, which is apparently being attacked by some unnatural force from above. There's plenty of blood and wreckage, not to mention a general sense of panic, but Hubley seems pretty chill about it all. Probably because she's singing this most relaxed version of the Cure classic.

You'll find the humorous, seemingly Duracell-sponsored video down below. Barring the complete and utter destruction of society as we know it, Stuff Like That There should hit stores August 28 via Matador.