Xiu Xiu Unveil Duets Album 'OH NO' with Sharon Van Etten, Owen Pallett, Chelsea Wolfe

The collection also features Grouper's Liz Harris, Alice Bag and members of Liars and Deerhoof
Xiu Xiu Unveil Duets Album 'OH NO' with Sharon Van Etten, Owen Pallett, Chelsea Wolfe
Xiu Xiu have returned with details of their 12th studio album. Billed as a collection of duets, OH NO will arrive March 26th via Polyvinyl and features the likes of Sharon Van EttenOwen Pallett, Chelsea Wolfe and Grouper's Liz Harris.

OH NO follows 2019's Girl with a Basket of Fruit and finds the two-piece celebrating the "profound rediscovery of community and friendship."

On the album's 15 tracks, Xiu Xiu collaborate with the aforementioned artists, as well as Alice Bag, Deerhoof's Greg Saunier, Drab Majesty's Deb Demure, Twin Shadow's George Lewis Jr., Angus Andrew of Liars and more.

"The guest stars of OH NO reflect the types of people, and many of the very same, who helped remind me that the ratio of beautiful humans to shitty humans is more like 60/40 rather than what I have always assumed was 1/99," Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart said in a statement. "Although there is an 'I HATE PEOPLE' pin on my guitar strap, I hate them less now."

The Liz Harris-assisted "A Bottle of Rum" arrives today alongside the news, and can be heard below alongside a video from Xiu Xiu's Angela Seo. Harris and Xiu Xiu had previously come together on 2006's Creepshow.

Stewart said of the track, "I had been trying to write a song on [a bajo quinto] to no avail and then drunkenly (A Bottle of Rum) listened to Liz's song, 'Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping.' A spark shone and feebly I tried to write something that, at least at first, sounded like it. I had asked Liz Harris, who is an old friend, if she would sing on this new record of duets. Initially I thought of her for another song but she specifically, although not knowing she had been the inspiration behind it in the first place, asked to be on this one. If the stars ever have aligned... well then."

Of the video, Seo offered, "When I was a kid, I always wanted a video camera and was fascinated with tapes, but couldn't afford one. I'm an adult now, and can buy what I want, so I bought a used mini DV camera. I like how the tapes look, the specific way they capture color, and also the tactile feeling of inserting and ejecting a tape."


1. Sad Mezcalita (Sharon Van Etten)
2. I Cannot Resist (Deb Demure / Drab Majesty)
3. The Grifters (Haley Fohr)
4. Goodbye For Good (Greg Saunier / Deerhoof)
5. OH NO (Susanne Sachsse)
6. Rumpus Room (Angus Andrew / Liars)
7. Fuzz Gong Fight (Angela Seo / Xiu Xiu)
8. I Dream of Someone Else Entirely (Owen Pallett)
9. One Hundred Years (Chelsea Wolfe) [The Cure cover]
10. A Classic Screw (Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo)
11. It Bothers Me All the Time (Jonathan Meiburg / Shearwater)
12. Saint Dymphna (George Lewis Jr. / Twin Shadow)
13. Knock Out (Alice Bag)
14. A Bottle of Rum (Liz Harris)
15. ANTS (Valerie Diaz)