Weezer Have Released a Video Game That's Impossible to Beat

Your perfect self-isolation time waster is here
Weezer Have Released a Video Game That's Impossible to Beat
If you are at home self-isolating, you probably have more time on your hands than ever. Helping you fill those hours are now Weezer, who have released a video game that they boast is impossible to beat.

The game called called "The End of the Game" Game, and as you could expect, it takes its title from Weezer's 2019 single "The End of the Game," set to be released on their upcoming Van Weezer album.

According to the band, though, the game is impossible to win. "It's the perfect game to play while #stayingathome because you can't beat it," a press release states. "Really. We've tried. And it's not just cause we aren't that good at video games."

It further explains the game like this: 

It's a computer game ode to the boss levels are that are notoriously impossible to beat, harkening back to mid-'80s and early '90s faves like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter II and Punch Out. It's also a fairly obvious head nod to the band's song "End of the Game" from their forthcoming album, Van Weezer, which is still set for release on May 15.

You can play the 8-bit-styled game, made alongside Jason Oda, over here.

And as you just read above, Weezer are still planning to release Van Weezer on May 15 via Crush/Atlantic — COVID-19 be damned.

Also, if you are looking for some new Zoom backgrounds as you self-isolate, Weezer have you covered.