Iqaluit Soul Rockers the Trade-Offs to 'let go, give in, fall down' on New Album

Learn about their hometown with new single "Crowberry Hill"
Iqaluit Soul Rockers the Trade-Offs to 'let go, give in, fall down' on New Album
Photo: Joshua Qaumariaq / Jeff Maurice
When it comes to discovering the next rising stars of Canadian rock, the Trade-Offs will have a lot of people looking north. The Iqaluit-based quartet are set to take their powerful blend of rock, soul, country and blues to the next level with sophomore album let go, give in, fall down, coming November 4 via Aakuluk Music.

You can hear it on album opener "Crowberry Hill," where vocalist Josh Qaumariaq uses his powerful voice (both physically and lyrically) to share memories of his childhood atop jaunty, twanging instrumentation: "Hangin' out on crowberry hills / Lonely days in canvas tents / Hunting down young ringed seals / Glassy lakes and long big fields." It's the second single to be released from the album, following "Qanuirunniilaarmijuk" last month.

In a press release about "Crowberry Hill," Qaumariaq stated, "I wrote about my experiences of living in Iqaluit, berry picking with my grandma, and the things I have seen and heard growing up." He added, "I hope that by the end of the song you will know a little bit more about the place I come from, and the hard lives of Inuit."

Listen to "Crowberry Hill" below and keep scrolling for more information on let go, give in, fall down.

let go, give in, fall down:

1. Crowberry Hill
2. Qanuirunniilaarmijuk
3. Put Em Down
4. Taaqtumik
5. Push Myself Away
6. Never Knew
7. Let Go Give In
8. Almost Fell In