Sum 41 and Simple Plan Are Skipping Canada on Tour — Again

After their US tour concludes, they'll be teaming up again... in Europe
Sum 41 and Simple Plan Are Skipping Canada on Tour — Again
One of the best moments of today's pop-punk renaissance has been the revelation that Sum 41 and Simple Plan had buried their early-career feud years ago, making their friendship official with the one-two punch of Sum 41's Deryck Whibley guesting on a Simple Plan track and a co-headlining US tour. The only weird part is that the tour, despite being named "Blame Canada," completely skipped the bands' home country. Today, they've shared a reminder they're touring not-Canada together once again — this time, they're going to Europe.

A new social media promo video finds the nine members of the two bands discussing the upcoming Does This Look All Killer No Filler Tour — a 20-date European tour celebrating the 20th anniversaries of Sum 41's first two albums, 2001's All Killer No Filler and 2002's Does This Look Infected?, with Sum 41 headlining and Simple Plan opening. It's scheduled to begin in Stuttgart, Germany, on September 20, weeks after the Blame Canada tour wraps up in Worcester, MA, on August 28.

While Canadians may be feeling pretty bitter about another snub from their country's pop-punk titans, Whibley is encouraging his fellow nationals not to rule out a cross-Canada team up just yet. 

Speaking with Exclaim!, Whibley says, "It's not that we didn't want to [tour Canada together]. We would've loved to! it was [because of] timing and COVID problems and all this kind of stuff, it just wouldn't work out at that time." He adds, "We tried to, we wanted to, it just logistically couldn't work out in the right timeframe. And then by the time we would both be able to, we both were scheduled to do something else, so it just couldn't work out. Now, if timing works out, yeah, we definitely would. I think we were both upset that it didn't work out."

Us too, Deryck. Us too.

Thankfully, Canadian fans will have some opportunities to see Sum 41 and Simple Plan this summer, albeit separately. In July, Sum 41 will be performing at RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa (July 13), Budweiser Stage in Toronto (July 14), Festival d'été de Québec in Quebec City (July 15), and Stage Festivalma with Pennywise in Alma, QC (July 17). Simple Plan will be playing at Festival Saint-Honoré dans l'Vent in Saint-Honoré, QC (June 18), and Festivoix in Trois-Rivières, QC (July 9).

This all comes during a particularly busy time for both bands — Simple Plan just released new album Harder Than It Looks, while Sum 41 remain hard at work at their forthcoming double album Heaven and Hell. Sum 41 guitarist Dave Baksh announced in May that he recently beat cancer after discovering a tumour in March.

Watch the full promo video below.

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