Sled Island Announces Digital Festival Featuring Sudan Archives, Waxahatchee

The Sled Island Lemonade Stand runs from June 22 to 28
Sled Island Announces Digital Festival Featuring Sudan Archives, Waxahatchee
Like many festivals, Sled Island cancelled its 2020 edition outright. But even though the Calgary fest won't be taking place in its normal form, organizers have announced a digital spinoff called the Sled Island Lemonade Stand, running from June 22 to 28.

The title is a "turn these lemons into lemonade" metaphor, and Sled Island will be doing just that by staging livestreams, which will be either free or accessibly priced. These will include music performances, film screenings, comedy, art and DJ sets.

Sudan Archives, who had been lined up at guest curator, will perform a free show and Q&A, and festival alum Waxahatchee will be performing her 2015 album Ivy Tripp in full (as part of her series of full-album performances of her entire catalogue).

Also on the music front, the festival will be releasing a pair of compilations called The Sled Island Lemonade Stand Vol. 1 & 2. These will comprise over 40 previously unreleased tracks from Calgary artists, recorded over the last few months. Participants include Samantha Savage Smith, Astral Swans and many more. The comp will arrive on June 22 as a "pay-what-you-can" release.

Beyond that, Sled Island will be doing a film presentation with the Calgary Underground Film Festival, a streaming comedy program called Virtual Laugh-con 2020, and much more.

See the full plan over at Sled Island's website.