Ronnie Radke Responds to Spiritbox Dropping Off Falling in Reverse Tour

The Canadian trio are no longer playing the Popular Monstour
Ronnie Radke Responds to Spiritbox Dropping Off Falling in Reverse Tour
Photo: Spiritbox by Lindsey Byrnes (left), Falling in Reverse by Stefan Brending (right)
Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has responded to Spiritbox dropping off as a support act on the forthcoming US run, Popular Monstour.

Last week, the Victoria, BC-hailing trio helmed by Courtney LaPlante shared on Twitter that they were no longer going to be playing their scheduled dates with Falling in Reverse.

"We have withdrawn from the 6 shows we were scheduled to perform on the Popular Monstour," they wrote, drawing mixed responses. Some fans applauded the band's decision and praised them for wanting to keep fans feeling comfortable at their shows, while others bemoaned cancel culture and chastised the Canadians for believing so-called "false" allegations.
Said allegations are, of course, related to Radke's maligned reputation of controversial behaviour, which includes a domestic violence arrest, accusations of sexual assault, assault charges and more. This month, after Loudwire reported on the Anthony Fantano nemesis's TikTok about cancel culture, a woman retweeted the publication's post and asked, "Should we hold him accountable for throwing me against a van and choking me eight years ago or is that too long ago? Please advise."

Radke posted screenshots of the allegations and denied them in a since-deleted tweet, writing [via The Pit]: ".@BriiMonster you are 8 foot 7 looking in that pic saying I threw your ass against a van you lying ass fucking bitch I do not play with the false shit I'll take every last cent from you. You cannot stand that I'm doing good why do you need this kind of attention."

The post-hardcore frontman has now shared that Our Last Night will be replacing Spiritbox on the Popular Monstour. He added that he could "never talk trash" about them, though. "Courtney and the rest of them are so sweet," Radke wrote. "I feel sorry for them as some of their fans are awful."

See Radke's tweets below.