Roger Eno and Brian Eno Follow 'Mixing Colours' with 'Luminous' EP

Hear the release's newly shared "Manganese"
Roger Eno and Brian Eno Follow 'Mixing Colours' with 'Luminous' EP
Last year, brothers Roger Eno and Brian Eno finally collaborated after years of working separately. Mixing Colours was apparently just the beginning, too, as the pair have now announced a follow-up EP.

Luminous features seven new compositions from the pair, including "Manganese," which you can stream below. The new EP will arrive on August 14 via Deutsche Grammophon. The release will also be bundled with a new expanded edition of Mixing Colours on that same date.

Further, the brothers Eno had enlisted fans to submit videos to make official visuals for their album.

"We were overwhelmed — both figuratively and actually — by the responses to our call for films," they said in a statement. "The quality was so high! And the number so large! It is really heartening to know that people are looking at the world around them in a curious and creative way."

If you want to vote on your favourite videos for the project, go here.


1. Moss
2. Violet
3. Manganese
4. Vermilion
5. Marble
6. Pewter
7. Malachite