Radio Radio "My Dance Floor" (video)

Radio Radio 'My Dance Floor' (video)
"Why are you dancing?" ask New Brunswick duo Radio Radio on their new "My Dance Floor" single. For the several movers and shakers seen in the new video for the tune, it's obvious that the Acadian hip-hop act's pounding rhythms compelled them to get wild. If you stream the video, you may well feel the same.

As you'll see down below, the bearded beat-and-rhyme suppliers are found flexing in hallways, hotel lobbies and ballrooms to deliver the tune. There, they encounter b-boy bellhops and other assorted boogiers willing to break a sweat to the glossy boom of "My Dance Floor." Who can blame them?

While the act make a call to "get off my dance floor," they seem pretty cool with their entourage. You'll see the dance fest down below.

As previously reported, "My Dance Floor" appears on Radio Radio's Light the Sky, which comes out February 19 through Bonsound.

The record is being supported by a Canadian tour. You can find out the date and venue details over here.