Machine Gun Kelly Trash-Talked Slipknot at Riot Fest

Megan Fox's boyfriend called the band "old weird dudes with masks" during his Sunday night set
Machine Gun Kelly Trash-Talked Slipknot at Riot Fest
Last night, corporate punk and general shit-disturber Machine Gun Kelly closed out Riot Fest's Sunday night stage, and he took the opportunity to trash-talk Slipknot and exhibit some sterling stage banter. 

"Hey, you wanna know what I'm really happy that I'm not doing? Being 50 years old wearing a fucking weird mask on a fucking stage. Fucking shit. So anyway, what's everyone's favourite candy? Reese's Pieces?" MGK said, making a pretty obvious reference to the masked-up metalheads, who were playing the Riot Stage at the same time as his Radical Stage set. 

"Turn the lights up. Let me see who chose to be here instead of with all the old weird dudes with masks," he continued. 

And while the Reese's Pieces segue feels out-of-left-field, the trash-talk has some precedent. As reported by Loudwire, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor took what sounded like a shot at party-rapper turned kinda-punk bad-boy MGK earlier this year, telling a podcast, "I [hate] the artists who failed in one genre and decided to go rock, and I think he knows who he is."

Sounds like this could be the official start of a beautiful new beef.