Listen to Luna Li's New EP 'jams 2'

It serves as a sequel to her 2021 'jams' EP
Listen to Luna Li's New EP 'jams 2'
This year, Toronto's Hannah Bussiere Kim — a.k.a. Luna Li — has already released her debut album Duality (one of Exclaim!'s Best Albums of 2022 So Far), played SNL with Japanese Breakfast, and shone onstage at her first big hometown show, and she shows no signs of stopping. Today, the multi-instrumentalist has released a new EP of bite-sized, dreamy instrumentals.

jams 2 serves as a sequel to Kim's 2021 jams EP, which she released after rising to viral fame for the videos she posted of similar sessions, editing together clips of her building a ditty from the ground up and playing every instrument on the track. With a run time of fewer than six minutes, the new six-song collection features collaborations with Aaron Paris and Amaria.

"I wasn't sure what to expect releasing the first jams EP," Kim wrote in the caption of an Instagram post yesterday (September 19), announcing the EP with a reel amalgamating several adorable home videos of the artist being musical from a very young age. She's a prodigy, people!

"It felt unconventional for me to be releasing a collection of short instrumentals and I would never have guessed how much love they'd be received with," she continued. "Music has been my everything since I was born, and I was so blessed to grow up with my two moms running a music school and to be surrounded by a supportive musical community from an early age, getting to try out and learn different instruments and play in bands. I'm so grateful every day to be where I am."

Listen to the EP on your platform of choice below.