Jim Jones Harlem: Diary of a Summer

Jim Jones, has the secret to success in hip-hop: personality. You can’t help but notice him, even when he’s surrounded by his extra noticeable Dipset brethren. The long haired, Harlem Diplomat "Capo” is magnetic to spotlight without catering his image to it. He’s always representing Harlem and his image has evolved into One Eyed Willie, new leader of the Goonies. On "Ride Wit Me” Jim Jones jacks an amazing, previously unheard Jay-Z verse and sticks it on the end of the song. It’s not in the album credits, making Jim Jones a real pirate. His stories about life in Harlem are his most compelling raps. He stays in his zone and his latest album has the same strengths of all his other material. "My Diary” is a hazy melodic track about Harlem’s destructive fast life mixed with Jim’s experience as an active participant. "G’s Up” is a slow street rap featuring Max B (who shares the spotlight on Harlem) that is infectious because of the gravy-thick piano and bass line cooked up by Pete Rock. "Harlem” and "Summer Wit Miami” are the jewels of the album. The latter modernises an Isley Brothers melody, and has Jim Jones turning the four seasons of the year with four women. There’s tons of fire on this album. (Koch)