Harry Shearer "(They Give You) FIFA"

Harry Shearer '(They Give You) FIFA'
The FIFA corruption scandal that led to the arrests of several officials over racketeering, money laundering and tax evasion charges this week has given the Beautiful Game a big black eye. Since he apparently isn't doing any Simpsons work anytime soon, actor Harry Shearer is weighing in on the football controversy with a spicy, satirical revamp of torch classic "Fever." He calls his piece "(They Give You) FIFA."

Shearer uses a decidedly Mr. Burns-y croon above the melange of jazzy horns and sliding bass lines to point out the foibles of FIFA, who seemingly put more stake into the financial side of things than actual matches. "Everybody loves football, corporations feel the same," he sings smoothly before calling out Adidas and Coke, not to mention the countries that "pay big to lose money" on the World Cup.

Since it'll be another day before we find out whether delegates of 209 national football associations are giving FIFA president Sepp Blatter the boot, why not spend some time listening to Shearer's song? You'll find it below.