Dean Brody on Exclaim! TV's Mixed & Mastered

Dean Brody on Exclaim! TV's Mixed & Mastered
When he was travelling in Brazil, Canadian country singer Dean Brody discovered a number of delicious local drinks that became staples during his trip, and one of it was the common Caipirinha. So when the British Columbia native made his stop in Toronto, we invited him to a fun one-on-one cocktail lesson to show how simple it is to make the popular Brazilian drink, which launches the start of Exclaim! TV's new Mixed and Mastered series, in which artists take part in making a cocktail while discussing their music.

In this first episode, host Grainne O'Flynn meets up with the country singer at Toronto's Track and Field to teach him how to recreate a Caipirinha at home — but with an added twist. After mixing in a small handful of usual ingredients like cachaça, lime and ice, O'Flynn introduces agave syrup for deeper flavour. Later on, Brody is wooed by a few drops of Coster's "Coffee and a Smoke" Bitters, which makes the drink smoother.

Watch O'Flynn teach Dean Brody how to make a tangy Caipirinha below, and make your own by following the recipe at the end.

Hosted by Grainne O'Flynn
Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Jordan Rapps
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan