Caribou's Dan Snaith Announces 'Joli Mai' Album as Daphni

It's Snaith's first LP under the moniker since 2012's 'JIAOLONG'
Caribou's Dan Snaith Announces 'Joli Mai' Album as Daphni
Fresh off releasing his own instalment of the FabricLive mix series this summer, Caribou's Dan Snaith has lifted the curtain on a new full-length under his Daphni moniker.

Titled Joli Mai, Snaith's latest will arrive October 6 through his own Jiaolong label. It marks the first full-length release from Snaith as Daphni since 2012's Jiaolong, having delivered Our Love as Caribou in 2014.

Twelve tracks in length, Joli Mai collects extended versions of the new material that was included in Snaith's FabricLive 93 mix. Tracks from the release including "Face to Face," "Xing Tian," "Carry On," "Tin," "The Truth," "Hey Drum," "Medellin," "Life's What You Make It" and the title track all appear on the tracklist.

Joli Mai is available for pre-order through Snaith's Bandcamp here. Read through the tracklist to hear "Face to Face," "Carry On," "Tin" and "Hey Drum" in the player below.

Joli Mai:

1. Poly
2. Face To Face
3. Carry On
4. Vulture
5. Xing Tian
6. Vikram
7. Tin
8. The Truth
9. Hey Drum
10. Medellin
11. Joli Mai
12. Life's What You Make It