Canadian Musicians Tackle Mental Health on the Exclaim! Podcast

Including Hollerado's Menno Versteeg and TOBi
Canadian Musicians Tackle Mental Health on the Exclaim! Podcast
Photo: Stephen McGill
Royal Mountain Records' mental health fund helped to open up a much-needed discussion about the toll that the music industry can take on artists. Sadly, no other labels have followed suit — and this critical issue is the subject of the latest episode of the Exclaim! Podcast.

Host Vish Khanna and editor Matt Bobkin take a deep dive into mental health and the music industry, exploring how artists have become more open than ever about their mental health struggles — and how the industry is still struggling to catch up. This conversation includes interviews with Royal Mountain's Menno Versteeg (of Hollerado) and TOBi, both of whom are outspoken about mental wellness and the ways the industry can improve.

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