Blonde Elvis "Watch the Sundial" (video)

Blonde Elvis 'Watch the Sundial' (video)
Glam-popster Blonde Elvis recently released an EP entitled On Agency, which has been compiled with last year's On Vanity EP onto either side of a new 12-inch. "Watch the Sundial" from that release has now been given the music video treatment.
The new clip was directed by Mike Reynolds, who gave Exclaim! a bit of insight into the colourful collage of moving images.

"It's fun to do found footage videos because you get to dig for the tape," he said. "I thought there was something funny about pairing the existential horror of the deep sea with a bunch of goofy humans tooting around on the surface."
You can see his quirky sense of humour (and affection for Sea-Doos) shine through in the video for "Watch the Sundial" below. On Agency is currently available through Pleasence.