Alvvays Team Up with 'Stardew Valley' Creator for "Many Mirrors" Video

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Alvvays Team Up with 'Stardew Valley' Creator for 'Many Mirrors' Video
Photo: Norman Wong
Combining two of many Exclaim! staffers' favourite things — including our album of the yearAlvvays have shared a music video for "Many Mirrors" made by ConcernedApe, creator of the video game Stardew Valley.

While not directly related to Stardew Valley, the animated music video looks like something right out of Emily's psychedelic cutscenes. It depicts a character walking through many mirrors — literally — as they transport through different dimensions. Along the way, they turn into a train and travel across the galaxy in search of a missing star. Watch it below. 

"Some of the band members are Stardew Valley fans & we started talking. I got an early listen to their new album, and the song 'Many Mirrors' resonated with me," Eric Barone, a.k.a. ConcernedApe, said in a tweet about the video.

Now we're left hoping for a Stardew update that lets you keep the yellow blob that follows the main character around as a pet.