Alan Vega's Unreleased Album 'Mutator' Unearthed by Sacred Bones

Hear the newly shared track "Nike Solider"
Alan Vega's Unreleased Album 'Mutator' Unearthed by Sacred Bones
Late Suicide hero Alan Vega is being toasted with a new previously unreleased posthumous album. Called Mutator, the record is set to arrive via Sacred Bones on April 23.

According to the label, the album marks the first in a series of archival Vega records set for release. Mutator was recorded between 1996 and 1998 by Vega and his frequent collaborator and wife Liz Lamere, who discovered the lost tapes in 2019. Shortly after, she and Jared Artaud began the process of mixing and producing the songs.

Right now, you can hear the album's "Nike Solider" down below via an accompanying video.

"Working on this album, I was blown away by the sheer intensity and raw power of Alan's ability to transform sound and deliver inimitable one-take vocal performances," said Artaud in a statement. "'Nike Soldier' is a supreme example of Alan's unparalleled instincts." 

Lamere added, "In all of his artistic expressions Alan had a unique ability to pull from an eclectic mix of cultural references and turn them on their head.  If we asked him to to give us a quote about 'Nike Soldier' he'd say 'Do it Just.'"

Watch the "Nike Solider" video, directed by Jacqueline Castel, below.

Alan Vega passed away in 2016 at the age of 78.


1. Trinity 
2. Fist
3. Muscles
4. Samurai
5. Filthy
6. Nike Soldier
7. Psalm 68
8. Breathe

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