The Cheddar Goblin from 'Mandy' Is Now a Plush Doll

The film's mac and cheese-vomiting monster has been turned into official merchandise
The Cheddar Goblin from 'Mandy' Is Now a Plush Doll
Remember that scene in Panos Cosmatos's 2018 psychedelic horror film Mandy where Nicolas Cage watches an absurd commercial for Cheddar Goblin mac and cheese? Well, now that cheese-vomiting monster has now been turned into an officially-licensed plush doll.

The newly listed Legion M Comic-Con Exclusive merch item is now on the entertainment company's webstore for $29.99 USD and is described as "highly detailed with yellow eyes and jacked up teeth just like the character from the film."

The listing adds that "the best part is that this plush won't throw up on your kids!..... we hope."

As of now, the Legion M webstore also has listings for Cheddar Goblin shirts, sweaters and hats. Previously, the film had licensed official goblin-branded Mac and cheese, as well as a barfing goblin puzzle set.

Made into a meme via Cosmatos's surreal horror flick, the Cheddar Goblin commercial was actually directed by Casper Kelly, the creator of fever-dream Adult Swim short Too Many Cooks. Around the time of the film's release, the Cheddar Goblin got his very own Twitter account, which is updated regularly with other horror and goblin-related content.

See the announcement below, and get your own Cheddar Goblin here.