Sharon Osbourne Claims She's Not Racist While Repeatedly Using a Racial Slur

She's obviously also blaming her 'The Talk' troubles on "cancel culture"
Sharon Osbourne Claims She's Not Racist While Repeatedly Using a Racial Slur
Photo: CBS
Here's a useful tip — if you want to convince people you're not racist, it's a good idea to not repeatedly use a racial slur while doing so. Somehow, though, Sharon Osbourne doesn't realize that.

While trying to defend herself in a new interview with UK tabloid The Daily Mail, Osbourne got adamant about not ever calling her The Talk co-host Julie Chen "w**ton" — all the while repeatedly using the racial slur and blaming "cancel culture."

"Everyone's got an opinion or a story like the w**ton story. It's like fuck off with your fucking w**ton story. Fuck off!" she told the publication, adding the claims are "crap, all crap."

Osbourne wasn't done there, though, saying: "Everybody's got an opinion and everybody's got a voice — it's fine. It's about knowing somebody's been called out for something and then somebody else is like, 'yes!! I'm going to add something too.

"Of course, it's a pile on. People want to add fuel to the fire and it comes with the territory and that's fine."

As previously reported, Osbourne's comments come after The Talk was put on hiatus by CBS following co-hosts Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood heated back-and-forth over Osbourne's defence of Piers Morgan's insensitive comments about Megan Markle and the royal family.

This was quickly followed by a scathing report by journalist Yashar Ali alleging Osbourne has a history of using homophobic and racial slurs against her former colleagues, including Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert. According to multiple sources, Osbourne would frequently call Chen, who is Chinese American, "sl**ty eyes" and "w**ton," and Gilbert, who is a lesbian, "pussy licker" and "fish eater."

In another interview Osbourne did about the accusations, she told Entertainment Tonight the whole thing was "the biggest setup ever... how dare you all do this to me! I'm your sacrificial lamb."

She added: "I think that CBS was so horrified with Piers for the things he was saying. Because remember, Harry and Meghan — it's a CBS interview. I had sided with Piers, so, it's the cancel culture isn't it? Throw her under the bus."

You can watch the ET interview below.