Laura Dern Will Tell You a Bedtime Story

She recently narrated Chris Advansun's 'The Ocean Moon' for the mindfulness app Calm
Laura Dern Will Tell You a Bedtime Story
Laura Dern has lent her voice to a sleep aid/mindfulness app to narrate a bedtime story so you can fall asleep easier.

The Marriage Story actor has teamed up with Calm — as well as, inexplicably, a magnesium supplement brand called Natural Vitality — to narrate Chris Advansun's The Ocean Moon to help listeners catch some quality shuteye.

"Quality sleep is so important to overall health and wellness, and during this stressful time, there are so many options to help people de-stress — from supplements, to meditation, to listening to a calming bedtime story," Dern said in a statement.

Calm has previously tapped celebs like Matthew McConaughey and Leona Lewis for its mindfulness sessions. The app offers a number of audio programs, guided meditations, sleep aids, music, videos and more, all in the effort of destressing the masses.

You can listen to the preview of Dern's soothing story below via Variety, or download the app to hear the full read.