Lil' Kim Carbon Copy (film)

Lil' Kim <i>Carbon Copy</i> (film)
Lil Kim is obsessed with Nicki Minaj. The Queen Bee has been dissing the Young Money princess for months now, from her diss track "Black Friday" up to the Minaj-decapitating artwork for her upcoming mixtape Black Friday. It's starting to get a bit much, though.

Sure, Lil Kim has been slinging rhymes for decades, and maybe both her flow and her wild fashion style influenced Minaj's career, but the rapper needs to chill out on calling her rival a copy cat. This new 15-minute doc Carbon Copy furthers her "exposé" on Minaj, stringing together snippets of interviews where Minaj doesn't praise Kim for her trailblazing.

What's frustrating, though, is Kim gets pissed if Minaj gives props to other singers. She lambastes the Pink Friday performer for tipping her hat to Lauryn Hill in an interview instead of her. Sounds like sour grapes to us.

The lengthy flick weaves in shots comparing old Lil Kim costumes to current Minaj getups while also showing the Queen Bee with her massive entourage. We get it: you're still in the game. Just find a new angle, because you're riding this too hard.

Check out the clip below.