Deranged Records

Date of Birth: 1999
Number of Releases: 110
Biggest Sellers: Fucked Up, Career Suicide
Current Releases: Poison Control, Red Dons
Stick with what you know
"Punk rock is the kind of music I enjoy and know the best. It’s not like I started a record label and then randomly picked hardcore/punk out of a lottery. I’ve been into this music for over 16 years so it only makes sense. I’m open-minded when it comes to music though some would say that I already stretch the label as far as genre goes. Who knew having Leatherface, Siege, Fucked Up, Career Suicide and the Tranzmitors all under one roof would work?”

Independence: the new major power
"Indies are where it’s at, more so now than ever. For the most part, independent labels like Deranged are fans of the music we promote, we’re connected to the scene — whatever scene that might be — and there are few or no degrees of separation between the label folks and the artists involved. We obviously have a better understanding of our preferred genre and are in a better position to separate the cream from the crap. Another advantage is our willingness to take chances, to commit to projects that make little financial sense. Though some could argue that majors also do this at times, the difference is that majors do so unintentionally.”

Fighting the trend
"It’s just me, myself and I. Deranged Records is 100 per cent independent but these days the term ‘independent’ is a wary thing. Along with the increasing popularity of independent labels and their affiliated bands, the distinction between independent and major labels is getting increasingly blurred. Some independents are now owned by majors, while others operate like majors, which is why there are loads of lame indie labels out there. An incredible roster is what makes Deranged Records unique.”

Financial sense
"Within the context of D.I.Y. hardcore punk, I think I offer bands more than most record labels by paying for recording, royalties and promotion minus all the fluff. I find good distribution and get exposure without throwing silly amounts of money down for ad space or having a PR agency involved.”

Creating the Deranged face
"A&R issues don’t apply to how I manage my label. Besides the fact that I have issues with the role and tactics of A&R reps, I’m not looking for the next ‘big band’ so I don’t need ‘friendly’ faces to build me a talent pool to pick from. I’m fortunate enough to have great bands approach me or I approach the bands I like and they are usually fairly receptive. I also don’t lose sleep over creating a distinct identity for Deranged Records. I’ve been doing the label for eight years with over 110 releases under my belt. If our identity doesn’t stand out now, it never will. I just keep working with bands I like and whatever happens beyond that is gravy.”

Do It Yourself: the greatest balancing act
"My biggest challenge isn’t finding bands, financing or putting out records. Because I do this alone, the hardest thing is being spread thin between family, label and work. It’s a juggling act that I have gotten quite good at but it really wouldn’t take much for things to fall off the rails. There is always a lot on my plate so I have to keep on top of things and not lose sight of priorities.”