They're Making a Perfect Life-Size Replica of Baby Yoda

The Child can be brought into your home next month
They're Making a Perfect Life-Size Replica of Baby Yoda
It's safe to say that Baby Yoda is just about the only pure and good thing on the internet these days, so we're more than happy to report that we'll soon be able to invite the Child into our homes.

While plenty of Baby Yoda dolls already exist, the latest from Sideshow is an exact replica of the one used in the show. Yes, one look at this one could likely make Werner Herzog cry because it's just that adorable.

The 1:1 scale figure measures 16.5 inches tall and comes standing on a simple ship base. The creature has been "meticulously detailed to recreate everything that Star Wars fans love about the young alien, from the fuzz on its wrinkled head to its irresistible pout, all the way down to its tiny, toddling feet."

The life-sized version of the Child is available to pre-order now for $375 USD. It's expected to ship between August and November.

Watch a more detailed video about the figure below.